The Best Combat Games Series

The Best Combat Games for the PC, PS3, Xbox360 could be defined by these three series

GTA, Batman Arkham and God of War all bring unique elements into play, creating some of the best combat games for the PC, PS3, Xbox360 and other consoles.

What separates the best combat games from the rest of the pack is that they provide players with a constant feeling of urgency, the feeling that anything could happen and a world which facilitates both feelings.

The cities of GTA provide all these things, which is why the Grand Theft Auto series one of the all time best combat games. Launched in 1997 for PS1, PC and Game Boy Colour, GTA took the world by storm. Never before had a city been rendered into such a convincing setting for vice. Players take on the role of a criminal who is set on working his way up the ladder of organised crime.

But what really makes the game the success it has become is perhaps the freedom for your character to decide what to do in between “jobs”. Nearly every object in Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas can be interacted with. Cars can be stolen, citizens beaten, police men fired at or run away from, mobsters bullied and prostitutes paid a visit. With nearly a dozen stand alone games, multiple expansion packs and millions of fans, GTA has become one of the most popular gaming series ever to hit the shelves.

Best Combat Games Series

Gameplay is key in the GTA series. There is no fixed narrative and players are able to set the pace of progress. Players either walk on the street or use a vehicle for transportation. They can complete missions or have enjoy the many activities the city has to offer which might include taking on the role of a cab driver, putting out fires or fighting crime as a vigilante.

In 2004, with the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the developers at Rockstar North (United Kingdom) decided to flesh out and personalise the protagonists by incorporating new RPG elements into the series. Gang Wars, burglary and car modification were also added as potential activities to engage in.

Best Combat Games Series

With its continuous commercial success – Grand Theft Auto V (2013) generated over one billion dollars in sales revenue just three days after its release and there is no sign to suspect that the series will come to a halt any time soon.

Another series that has embraced an open world approach and captivated the imagination of millions of gamers is the Batman: Arkham series. Players control the legendary DC Comics character and battle a series of criminals to ultimately defeat their nemesis. Whilst the game adopts a free-flowing approach there is a linear plot that drives the action forward.

When it comes to action, Batman: Arkham has impressive diversity. Players attack, stun and counter their foes, and try to remain as stealthy as possible throughout the game. Silent takedowns quickly become key in order to avoid alerting nearby enemies. Items such as the Batarang further enable the prince of the night to stun enemies or trigger specific objects en route. The Batclaw works as a versatile grappling device, while the Cryptographic Sequencer allows the Batman to override security codes and enter previously inaccessible areas. Unlocking new areas through the use of various devices becomes one of the main focuses in the game.

The first game in the series Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) pits Batman against his archnemesis the Joker. Developers teamed up with veteran Batman writer Paul Dini to present the player with an intricate plot in which the Joker is attempting to lock Batman away in the asylum with long time foes, many of whom have been incarcerated as a result of Batman´s righteous actions.

In Batman: Arkham City (2011), the plot deepens as Batman faces DC Comics supervillain Hugo Strange. As the plot develops so does the action and the combat system offers an improved experience and more challenging face offs. Enemies carry a combination of armour and weapons that require the player to take very specific actions to neutralise them. Turf wars hinder Batman´s ability to move freely around the city and a beefy number of side missions featuring villains such as the Riddler add to an already lengthy campaign. There is even a Catwoman campaign which can be purchased as downloadable content and comes with the Game of the Year editions of the PC version of the game.

Best Combat Games Series

Batman: Arkham Origins (2013) takes place five years prior to the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and sees Black Mask placing a bounty on Batman´s head. Whilst the gameplay falls in line with that of previous installments, a new Mulitplayer component has players facing each other as  thugs working for either the Joker or Bane, or taking on the roles of Robin and Batman themselves.

Where Batman: Arkham and Grand Theft Auto adopt an open world approach to gaming, God of War offers gamers more of a linear experience. But where it fails to deliver freedom of exploration and discovery it makes up for with some of the most engrossing and boldest combat sequences in gaming history. When it comes to fight games, God of War offers some the most epic feeling fights available in gaming.

The God of War franchise is exclusively on Sony’s line of hardware. The series follows the path of a Spartan warrior named Kratos who starts out serving the Olympian gods and quickly gets in the thick and ugly business of killing deities. The player controls Kratos and navigates him through successive levels that pit him against hundreds of mythological enemies which can only be bested with brute force. As Kratos gets more and more blood on his hands, action sequences become not only bigger but ever more mind blowing.

Best Combat Games Series

There are also some puzzle solving as you progress, and chests colored green, blue or red restore hit points, magic points or reward Kratos with experience points for upgrading weaponry. Most of the combat revolves around precise button pushing and following certain button combinations to finish off adversaries. Kratos can also learn magical abilities to assist him in the thick of battle. Upon completing the game a challenge mode is unlocked that requires players to perform specific tasks. After completion of each task rewards can be obtained.

Whilst the central gameplay is not significantly altered in subsequent installments of the game new enemies, items and abilities have been added to keep the experience fresh. With such a tried and true formula, it is hard to imagine God of War to ever become stale.

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