Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Game Review


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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Game Review

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is an expansion that brings balance, fine-tuning and new art to the original Dead or Alive 5.

The flagship game of the Dead or Alive franchise, “Dead or Alive 5″, has been tweaked and modified by a large expansion-pack that adds new features, game modes, costumes and more. The already well-known Dead Alive franchise has established a cult following with many fans praising its somewhat parodic nature and unique combat system.

To some, the very nature of Dead or Alive is off-putting, and many consumers are of the opinion that the game lacks innovation in both graphics and gameplay. Long-time fans disagree, saying that the franchise is simply staying true to what makes it “work”. Despite the large amount of controversy behind the game itself, both the original game and the “Ultimate” version have seen marginal success.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Game ReviewThe story mode of Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate comes from the movie that the game series was based on, and is not changed by the ultimate expansion. The story revolves around the story of the fighter that the player chooses to play in the story mode. There’s also an offline and online versus mode where players may battle one another or a CPU controlled character. There’s also the expected Arcade, Survival and Time Trial modes, with each game-mode having an emphasis on time instead of score.

Some of the most prominent features added by the Ultimate expansion include new victory poses for each fighter that are displayed when the character wins a round. The new costumes added by the expansion pack are very flashy with an intense focus on eroticism, especially for the female fighters.

The combat system operates on what the game calls the “Combat triangle”, which classes moves based on their style and makes certain moves more effective at countering their counterparts. The triangle operates like this: Throws beat holds, holds beat strikes and strikes beat throws. This somewhat primitive combat system is something of an acquired taste. Fans describe it as “You like it or you don’t, it’s as simple as that”. One noteworthy move in the Dead or Alive arsenal is the “Power blow”. This move lets players blast each other with a powerful force that can throw them over great distances and deal reasonable damage.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Game ReviewThe uniqueness of the combat stages speaks for itself as the game features what are known as “Blockbuster” stages. These arenas are set to crumble around the dueling players. As the players continue to fight, the arena cracks, falls apart and/or explodes. This action-packed environment only furthers the already fast-paced combat the combatants engage in.

There are also items in the stage that players can be thrown into. When thrown into something such as a box or explosive barrel, a player will take considerable damage. This helps give the combat a new spin by encouraging fighters to use all aspects of the combat system. Some stages even have “Cliffhangers”, which are areas that have cliffs on either end of the arena. Players may attempt to hurl one another off of these cliff-sides to immediately win the round. The cliffhanger rounds are a situation where moves like the Power Blow really come in handy.

The graphics are up-to-par with early generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games, with simple shaders and textures that make the game considered to be somewhat outdated visually. With the integration of low-detail world-items, some players turn the game down simply because the graphics appear somewhat dated. While this may be true, the high-detailed character models and costumes more than make up for the lack of realistic lighting, and the effects in the blockbuster rounds also help to compensate for the fact that the game is slightly behind on graphics.

With the integration of stylized maneuvers and an MMA move-set, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is a fighter that focuses on ease of play and entertainment above anything else. The entire series could be considered something of an homage to the movie, since it bears so much resemblance in how the story and content is delivered. All things considered, team, NINJA has developed a strong franchise that while it does not try to be in league with the big names in fighting, still offers long-time fans more of what made them fall in love with the original Dead or Alive games.

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  • http://AppsZoom.com Peter Warrior

    “The story mode of Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate comes from the movie that the game series was based on, and is not changed by the ultimate expansion. The story revolves around the story of the fighter that the player chooses to play in the story mode”

    I’m not sure at all. And I wouldn’t even mention ‘that’ film. What’s for sure is that you can’t choose any fighter in story mode, but change from one to an other as the story unfolds. At least on PS3.