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Virtua Fighter 5 Review

For those who are fans of martial arts, Virtua Fighter 5 from SEGA is one of the favorite games. The fighting game was developed by black belts. Since first appeared in 2006, the Virtua Fighter 5 game evolved to the last version of Final Showdown, including a brand new character – the karate warrior Jean, smooth online play and new balance tweaks.Virtua Fighter 5 has fluidity and depth.

The game is complex despite the fact that players use only three buttons for block, kick and punch.The game offers a compelling 3D fighting experience with hundreds of combo possibilities, throw breaks, and characters who have multiple stances. The complexity of the game can be mastered after a lengthy training mode.

What makes Virtua Figther 5 a very popular fighting game is the fact that is based more on reality than other competitor games, such as Street Fighter, for example.The characters in Virtua Fighter 5 use real fighting styles, from Lei Fei’s Shaolin Kung Fu to Brad Burns’ Muay Thai. You’ll not find in the game super moves or ridiculous air juggles. Everything is straight up fist fight. The odds are decided by technique and skill.

Another good thing in Virtua Fighter 5 is the character balance. Players have a legitimate chance to win with any warrior character. The overpowered moves are minimal. Good Pai Chan players match well against good Akira players and advanced Vanessa players won’t dominate advanced Aoi players.

Virtua FIghter 5 Review

Virtua Fighter 5 features 17 different characters and a great number of modifications can be made to any fighter character. The most satisfying gaming experience is when playing Virtua Fighter 5 against another human player. Playing against AI isn’t as gratifying unless you set the difficulty level way up. The weak AI is however compensated by the inclusion of the exciting quest mode that simulates traveling to various arcades around the world and challenging the best players of the world.

Virtua Fighter 5 offers one of the most robust and intuitive fighting games and the quest mode and the customization options make the gaming experience really thrilling. The game remains one of the favorite among the fans of martial arts.

Details: Country: Japan Release Date: 2007 (USA)

Amazon Rating and Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars.

A REAL man’s fighting game…

Sega AM2 Arcade Greatness…

You better practice,practice,practice,and practice lol…

Everything in a fighting game.

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  • Gail says:

    I think this is a great fighting game. I'm playing as Akira, and I'm playing both arcade and quest. I am about 40 percent into the quest and it is getting quite difficult. It is also funny to play against a human player. Although I am almost 33 years old, I think I am one of the best players in Denmark at this game. I don't know, I just had a talent for this game, while I was never good at "Tekken". "Virtua Fighter" is even better than the successful "Mortal Kombat", and really taking the old fighting games to a new standard. As in any other fighting game the inspiration of Bruce Lee is felt and the figthing is quite genuine although some moves are a bit unreal. Great game: 10/10. I've been playing this on a PlayStation 3.

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